The Vice-Chancellor of the Regional Maritime University (RMU), Professor Elvis Nyarko has underscored the need for a sustainable maritime transportation system towards the development and growth of the Blue Economy.

He said, “Today, international trade has evolved to the point where almost no nation can be fully self-sufficient,” stressing the need for countries to work together to build a robust maritime transportation sector.

Mr Nyarko was speaking at the University’s matriculation in Accra, where admission was offered to 1,041 postgraduate and undergraduate applicants from both member and non-member countries.

Out of that number, only 691 applicants registered, representing 66.38 per cent, with 83 postgraduates and 608 undergraduate students.

He said every country was involved, at one level or another, in the process of selling what it produced and acquiring what it lacked and that none could be dependent only on its domestic resources.

Professor Nyarko said with over 90 per cent of traded goods transported across the world’s oceans from place to place, shipping had always provided the only really cost-effective mode of bulk transport over any great distance across the oceans.

He said the development of shipping and the establishment of a global system of trade were inseparably linked.

The Vice-Chancellor said despite the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for shipping services over time would continue to rise.

He said the records showed that during the peak of the pandemic last year, when the land borders and airports were closed all over the world, sea transport continued to operate very actively as shipowners maintained their crew, thereby providing a lifeline for nations across the world during those difficult times.

“This confirms the vital role the maritime industry continues to play in the development of nations and the certainty of job security for the youth, even in times of crisis such as the Covid-19 pandemic, which is still with us,” he added.

Mr Nyarko commended Ghana Government for the tireless efforts made towards the acquisition of the Covid-19 vaccine to halt the spread of the virus.

He urged all staff and students, to take part in the vaccination and also join the crusade and education in their communities on the need for all to take the vaccine.

“Please remember that the Covid-19 is still with us, and I will strongly advise all of you, to continue to strictly observe the safety and hygienic protocols,” he said.

Professor Nyarko assured the students of the University’s commitment to uphold, protect and ensure their peaceful stay on campus.