The Western Regional Chief Manager of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), Mac-Doe Hanyabui has said the weak transmission pipelines continue to pose a major challenge to the provision of water in the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis and the Region at large.

He indicated that the Company cannot do continuous pumping of water for a week without having problems on the lines following frequent breakages on them, making it difficult to serve the population well.

Mr Hanyabui who said this on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the GWCL Ladies Association’s Annual Delegates Conference in Takoradi, and stressed that due to the inadequacies in reaching out to customers with water, some were reluctant to pay their bills making it difficult to provide effective and efficient services.

He therefore pleaded with customers of the Company who were in bill arrears to endeavour to settle their debts, while prompt payments should be made by all customers to enable the company serve them well.

He said the Region had five operational districts namely, Takoradi North, Takoradi South, Sekondi, Tarkwa and Axim with a total customer strength of 40,191 and an average monthly private collection of GHc3,637,663.

The Regional Manager said the company was operating with nine water supply systems made up of four conventional surface water systems and five underground water systems.

Mr Hanyabui said water demand in the city operational zone far outstrips supply due to population growth, coupled with the aged plants- the Daboase plant, which was constructed in 1969, while the Inchaban plant was built in 1914 with no major expansion works since they were constructed.

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