The global chairman of Eurostar Limousine, a luxury car rental company operating in several African countries, says successful people have a duty to impact the lives of others.

Oscar Yao Doe said the least those who are blessed with resources, however small, can do, is to elevate others, especially young people and facilitate the fruition of their dreams and attainment of their ambitions.

He was speaking at the 2019 graduation ceremony of the Madam Victoria Nyameke Memorial Kindergarten, which he built in Dabala in the Volta region to honour his grandmother.

Mr Yao Doe, reputed for his philanthropy and generosity, has received recognition, both home and abroad, for his support to the music industry (earning him Music Industry Pillar Award 2017), arts and fashion in Ghana, Nigeria, and Cote d’Ivoire.

“I have supported African Arts, Paintings & Sculptures and increased their value through patronage and exhibition, showcasing them to the world. I have also supported and encouraged fashion industries including inspiring Red-Carpet appearance in Ghana, Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire and won awards for that,” he said.

He said while he is humbled by lots of recognition, it is the hope and confidence he sees in “the eyes of the cheerful children who have a decent environment to learn which gladdens my heart and fills me with joy.”

“Even though I supported hundreds of young people to go to the university and helped a dozen others to pursue masters degrees, these kindergarteners fill me with hope.

“I believe with the necessary support, one’s circumstance or place of birth should not be a hindrance to attaining one’s dreams,” he stated.

Mr Yao Doe, who is the Executive Chairman and President of Doscar Group of companies, said he happy the children are provided with free breakfast and lunch, offer free tuition and recruits university graduates (who are provided with accommodation) to teach.

He praised the teachers and other staff for their tireless efforts at moulding the lives of the young kids to become model citizens.

“A lot more Ghanaians need to have their presence felt in the community. That is the only way we can build this country. Governments have proven incapable of doing it all alone. Governments don’t and can’t do everything it doesn’t happen anywhere in the world,” he said.

It is his target to in the next 15 years building a world-class university in the village which can rival any university anywhere in the world with modern facilities.

That, he said, is the only way the products of the kindergarten who are being taught different values and a new sense of self can continue to imbibe those values of accountability, honesty, integrity and respect for a fellow human.

Otherwise, these values would be diluted along the line in their educational journey, he asserted.

“I am thankful to God for this special grace to touch the lives of many,” he stressed.