It is said that, “what is good for the goose, is good for the gander.”

It is amazing how those who set the law (government) and others aspiring to do lead us (political parties) refuse to adhere to simple instructions for which some ordinary citizens were jailed.

I have seen video and picture evidence of how Covid-19 protocols are being flouted during political party rallies and campaigns organised by various political parties, as proposed by government.

Few of them are observing the protocols and we expect the ruling NPP party to lead the way by ensuring the strict adherence of the protocols by members of the party but unfortunately that has not been the case so far.

Political party leaders have wittily and cunningly named their campaigns “tours” and during these “tours”, only a few people are seen wearing facemasks.

Our president and some of his entourage and most party sympathizers were captured jumping from left to the right without social distancing or even wearing the face masks during some campaigns.

The other political parties have also painted some pictures of lawlessness. An example, is the pictures and videos of the the NDC’s campaign when their running mate visited Upper Manya Krobo Constituency, Asesewa.

Candidly, nothing shows we are following the instructions given. We need patriotic, visionary leaders who are law abiding and followers with a positive attitude to transform this country, Ghana.

Sadly, the children that were told by government to stay at home for the sake of Covid-19 pandemic, are being approached in their various communities with these lawlessness all in the bid to make political gains?

We need to be very careful and serious in our fight against the disease as a nation and stop the unnecessary borrowing in the name of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Better suffer ill than do ill.

I am a concerned citizen of Ghana and Africa is born in me.


The writer is William Boadi is the President of Educate Africa Institute.