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Media urged to take interest in extractive sector

Media urged to take interest in extractive sector
Source: Ghana | | Ivy Setordjie
Date: 03-04-2019 Time: 04:04:02:pm
Ivy Setordjie is currently taking a media course at the Central European University in Hungary.

The media has been urged to take up courses in the extractive sector to enable them to have a better understanding on such issues and how to report on the extractive industry effectively especially using data to do stories such issues effectively.

Capacity Development Staff for the Natural Resource Governance Institute [NRGI] Margarita Batlle made the comment in an interview with Joy News during the second of an executive course on Reversing the Recourse Curse. The course is being held in Budapest, Hungary.  

According to Margarita Betlle, the media plays a very key role when it comes to oil and gas and mining. Keeping government on their toes and holding key officials accountable through investigative pieces should be encouraged.

She urged the media to be professional and share information, taking into account who to partner with especially when investing a story about deals on the extractive sector and other fields or topical issues.

She also noticed that a lot of journalists are not able to apply for the executive course and have urged journalists to keep applying for such courses to enhance their knowledge .

“We want to bring more people from the media but we don’t receive applications from the media in Africa except very few of them and we encourage journalists to apply for these types of programs next year.”

The course uses the Natural Resource Charter as its primary intellectual framework. The charter is a set of economic principles for governments and societies on how to best manage the opportunities created by natural resources to promote development.

It is not a blueprint for the policies and institutions must build, but instead provides the ingredients successful countries have used to build such institutions.

The course includes interactive lectures, group discussions, and practical building workshops or policy labs as well as guest presentations by leading experts.

The course includes the following  General concepts (theory and practice); Comparative Analysis of Current Situations (globally); case studies; policy labs to analyse case studies and develop practical analytical skills.

Participants also have the opportunity to sign up for one-on-one “clinics” in the evenings with course experts to discuss challenges they face in their countries and request for advise.

Over 500 students have undergone the training for the past six years and it is in its seventh year.

 About NRGI  

The Natural Resource Governance Institute is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to improving countries’ governance over their natural resources to promote sustainable and inclusive development. The headquarters of NRGI is based in New York.

About SPP

The School of Public Policy at the Central European University is an English graduate institution in Budapest, Hungary. CEU was founded by philanthropist George Soros and is accredited in the US and Hungary.


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