GE Healthcare advances Universal Health Coverage in Ghana

GE Healthcare advances Universal Health Coverage in Ghana
Source: Ghana| |Abubakar Ibrahim
Date: 11-06-2019 Time: 09:06:50:am
Sulemana Abubakar, CEO for GE Ghana speaking at the event

GE Healthcare has kicked-off a two-day ‘Healthcare Dialogues’ to drive conversations around innovative sustainable healthcare solutions to help progress Ghana’s Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

The event brings together public and private sectors’ industry stakeholders including policymakers, healthcare professionals, decision makers, academia, investors and financing institutions as they seek solutions to the country’s healthcare issues. 

Under the theme of Elevating Healthcare through Collaborations, key topics to be discussed include Structuring Innovative Healthcare Financing Solutions; Ghana’s Vision for UHC; the Future of Radiology with Artificial Intelligence (AI); Healthcare Technology Innovations, among other topics.

A key highlight of the event was the unveiling of GE Healthcare’s new budget-conscious ultrasound system, the Versana Essential. 

It has excellent image quality and can be used by obstetricians and gynaecologists, family and general practice physicians, and clinicians in a number of other specialities, making healthcare accessible to promote maternal healthcare in Ghana.

It also comes with local product and clinical training backed with GE’s solid aftersales service to help healthcare professionals gain comfort and proficiency with the system to enhance patient care.

“Promoting health for all is key in accelerating Ghana’s vision for Universal Health Coverage,” said Eyong Ebai, General Manager, GE Healthcare West Central Africa & French Sub-Sahara Africa.

“Through collaborations, continuous investment in sustainable healthcare solutions and capacity building, GE Healthcare will continue driving access to quality and affordable healthcare in the region.”

Ghana has been recognized for its commitment to address barriers to health care services and attainment of UHC by2030 by providing formal support to its vulnerable population through its National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

In 2018, NHIS had increased to about 11 million people from the 1.3 million memberships at inception in 2005, representing 38% of Ghana’s population. In addition, the healthcare system engages over 4,000 public and private providers and accounts for about 85% of its internally-generated fund.

“We are proud to host the GE Healthcare Dialogues in Ghana and provide a platform for the industry stakeholders to advance the country’s healthcare agenda,” said Sulemana Abubakar, CEO GE Ghana. 

“This is a testament of our role as a global leader with a local presence, to drive better outcomes for people in the markets in which we operate.” 

GE started its operations in Ghana in 2010 with only 5 employees and has grown to over 100 employees currently 90% Ghanaians, with two offices in Accra and Takoradi.

Through strategic partnerships and localization commitments, GE is supporting co-creation of solutions to tackle key challenges in Healthcare, power and oil and gas to help improve life for the people of Ghana. 

GE Healthcare in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service is also training and equipping healthcare professionals at the primary healthcare level with over 500 portable ultrasound machines across 125 of Ghana’s 216 districts. 

As a result, 1.5 million expectant Ghanaian women are expected to benefit from the initiative by 2020.