3-year university education possible but… - Educational consultant 

3-year university education possible but… - Educational consultant 
Source: Ghana| Myjoyonline.com |AI
Date: 11-02-2019 Time: 01:02:48:pm
Dr Prince Armah

An Educational consultant and a lecturer at the University of Winneba says the proposal for a three-year University Education may not be out of place.

Dr Prince Armah insists the cost per head in training an individual at the university is higher than that incurred at the Secondary level and will make economic sense to reduce the number of years at the tertiary level.

He would, however, want government to complete its review of the secondary school system and adopt a comprehensive school curriculum at the secondary level before considering a three-year programme at the university level.

He was contributing to the ongoing debate over a proposal for a possible three-year duration at the university level.

Speaking at the 2019 Danquah Institute Leadership lecture under the theme: “World Class Education and Imperative for the Next Generation of Leaders,” the Education Minister said, “Everywhere in the world, undergrad is three years not four years, why should we spend four years doing undergrad? We will sit down with the university lecturers and start challenging them because Ghana is not an island.”

Mathew Opoku Prempeh added that the government is currently reviewing the existing curricula at the various levels of education in the country to ensure that graduates can compete favourably in the 21st-century world of work.

His comments have triggered mixed reactions from educationists, lecturers and players in the education sector.

Some have supported the idea others have kicked against it, saying government should rather concentrate on improving infrastructure and the faculties rather than reducing the number of years.

Contributing to the debate Dr Armah in an interview said but for the 1987 education reforms, Ghana had three years of university education.

“The minister is entirely correct if he says university education can be done in three years,” he said but added there should be a restructuring of the curricula not only at the secondary level but the university level as well.

He said countries across the world, including the UK, have a three-year university education and should not be too difficult for similar changes to be made to Ghana’s university duration.

While the minister’s suggestion remains a proposal until the university lectures are consulted, Dr Armah believes faculties must on their revise the curricula.

According to him, some of the topics treated in the university are repetitions of topics at the secondary school level and wanted that to be solved.