National Security supervises destruction of plates for presidential ballots

National Security supervises destruction of plates for presidential ballots
Source: Ghana|
Date: 24-11-2016 Time: 01:11:18:pm

The Electoral Commission and National Security are supervising the destruction of plates and other materials used in printing ballot papers and notice of poll sheets for the Greater Accra and Volta Regions.

Innolink, the company contracted to print the papers, has completed its task and has begun defacing the printing materials ahead of the destruction at Agbogbloshie this afternoon.

Joy News' Fred Smith witnessed the process and reports that all the plates have been pulled out unto the company's corridor as officials wipe off the printing designs and get them ready for destruction.

The plates will then be sent to Agbogbloshie to be burnt under the supervision of the personnel of national security, EC officials and representatives of the political parties.

The plates for the printing of the notice of poll and the ballot papers have become a national security matter following accusation and suspicion that more ballot papers could be printed and could be used in rigging the election.

Yesterday there was an accusation by the opposition New Patriotic Party that officials of Innolink, under surreptitious circumstances took out the plates for the presidential ballot, an allegation officials of the printing company has dismissed.

The Marketing head of the company Michael Quatson told Joy News it was a case of miscommunication and misunderstanding. According to him, a different plate, which is for the names of poll was the one taken out by some officials for further works to be done on them.

"They (NPP) were asking questions and the questions have been answered. What we took out was names of poll. From hindsight and looking at the intensity of the elections, next time round we will inform them that this is what we are doing,"

 Quatson said the misunderstanding has been resolved and all the parties are now on the same page.