Struggling to breathe and motionless, 12-year-old Georgina Lamptey is now half the weight of an average child her age.

She lays on her bed at the Ada Government Hospital still on admission more than a year, after contracting Covid-19.

She looks frail, breathing with the aid of a tracheostomy tube (breathing aid) in her neck. Not only that, she is unable to speak or walk.

Full of energy, determined and strong-willed – that is how Victoria Korley describes her daughter prior to contracting the coronavirus last year.

According to her mother, Georgina complained of pain in her leg after returning from school one day. Later, she realized her daughter couldn’t walk.

“I brought her to the Ada regional hospital and we were transferred to Korle bu. We found out there that she had contracted the coronavirus”.

She had become family, and the nurses and Doctor’s just couldn’t pull the plugs on her. Dr Owusu Sekyere said the 12-year-old may not fully recover. However, she can be rehabilitated and eventually be able to use a wheelchair.

The incident has taken a huge emotional and financial toll on the family. Georgina’s father is late, and her mother is unable to do her usual petty trading because she has to be at the hospital with her. Her twin brother and other siblings are also unable to attend school as a result.

Victoria is grateful to doctors and nurses who have occasionally supported them so far.

While Georgina’s family waits for a miracle, the WHO has warned of a possible third wave in Ghana.

Health officials are racing against time to stay on schedule with vaccinations. The scary multiple waves of this pandemic continue to traverse borders, everyone is at risk. Stick to the protocols