The Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has said that this year’s elections should be about the future of Ghana.

Addressing party faithfuls in Chereponi in the North East Region, Dr Bawumia said the NPP should be voted for in this election because of the party’s competence and the developmental projects it has planned for the nation as a whole.

He also added that the decision of voters going into the December polls will be based on the track record of the New Patriotic Party’s performance in government, their competency and their ability to reduce the suffering of Ghanaians.

He said Ghanaians are witnesses of the records of both the NDC and the NPP, therefore, the elections will not be about tribalism but rather about the achievements of either party.

He said in the 8-year term of former president John Dramani Mahama Ghanaians went through serious hardship, adding that although the country was experiencing ‘dumsor’ under the NDC administration, light bills were constantly on the increase by an average of 45 per cent each year.

The Vice President named the collapse of the National Health Scheme, the cancellation of the teacher training allowance, nursing training allowance and Arabic teacher allowance, unemployment among others as some of the issues caused by the mismanagement of the John Mahama-led administration.

This, he said compelled the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to advise the NDC government to put a hold on employing people into the country’s public sector.

He said even though the country’s infrastructure was in a terrible state, the NDC claimed they had accomplished a lot for the nation.

The Vice President asked the people to name any developmental infrastructure the NDC had brought to Chereponi.

He challenged the NDC to give evidence of any project they had executed during their 8-year term in office in the Chereponi district specifically, adding that the NPP was ready to provide fuel for the exercise.

The Vice President said today Chereponi is seeing development under the NPP and would see more development if the government is retained.

During his speech, he revealed that the NPP was working with a systematic vision that is being implemented for the future of Ghana.

Dr Bawumia said they are not yet done because more needs to be done.

He said the Chereponi district would benefit from one of the hospitals the President announced would be built.  

Dr Bawumia concluded by talking about the new student loan scheme which he said would help build the manpower of the country.

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