At least 24 people in Dohinayili, a suburb of Tamale have stolen power through illegal connections to a tune of 75,098.19 cedis. 

Currently over a 100 residents are being vetted to assess how much power they have stolen after some were caught engaging in illegal connections.

Addressing a press conference in Tamale, the Corporate Affairs Director of the Northern Distribution Company (NEDCo) Maxwell Kofi Kotoka said the issue of power theft has gained an alarming proportion in the Northern Region.

He said even though power theft is a matter of concern in their distribution area, the Northern Region has gained notoriety for this canker.

He also lamented what he said is the incessant attack on the staff by the residents.

It will be recalled that some workers of NEDCO were attacked last week at the Dohinaayili community when they led a court bailiff to issue a writ of summons to some community members who were caught stealing power. 

The youth deflated tyres of vehicles owned by the staff of NEDCO and chased the bailiff out of the community with clubs, machetes and other weapons.

Mr Kotoka said NEDCo’s loses about 45% of power largely due to illegal connection.

That notwithstanding, he said they do not intend to look back on the war they have begun on people who steal power.

Mr Kotoka added that they have resolved to ensure that they recover their stolen money, intensify checks to ensure people do not steal power, name and shame culprit and ensure they bring the perpetrators to book.

This he said would go a long way in helping prevent NEDCo from collapse.

He commended the Tamale Metro Police Command and some stakeholders in the community for the roles they played in resolving the issue.



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