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The Ghana Police Service says its Tema region command has arraigned 29 suspects before the Tema Circuit Court A on Monday for assaulting two Police officers.

The suspects also seized a riot control weapon and a box of ammunition at Luhuor, a community near Sege in Ada.

According to a statement, three Police officers were responding to a distress call at Electrochem Ghana Limited at Luhuor on October 21 when they were attacked by some members of the community who blocked the road leading to the company.

In a press release signed by the Acting Director of Public Affairs, ACP Kwesi Ofori, the Police said some of the suspects took the officers hostage for more than three hours and assaulted them after which they seized the Riot Control Weapon and destroyed a Toyota Cross-country vehicle belonging to the Service.

29 in court for assaulting Police officers in Ada

“Following the incident, the Ada Divisional Police Command embarked on an operation in Luhuor on Friday, 22. October 2021, to arrest the perpetrators who carried out the attack on the Police officers and to reclaim the seized Police weapon and the cartridges,” the communique added.

The Service explained that during the operation, 36 suspects were arrested and screened after which 29 were sent to court yesterday for trial. The Police have also retrieved the weapon and the box of cartridges.

29 in court for assaulting Police officers in Ada

The suspects are Nene Dadebom Anim II, Ebenezer Tetteh Nyabu, David Add Addi-Suer, Jeremiah Numo, Bonday Bornu, Raphael Tokoli, Noah Nyabu, Issaih Komey, Ezekil Siadah, Daniel Narh, Otu Nyabu, Adolf Bosompra, Philip Ofoe, Livingstone Wussah, Kabutey Petiafu and John Alipue Teye.

Others are Charles Komey, Clement Kwesi Okoe, Charles Nyabu, Emmanuel Otuo, Israel Narh, Emmanuel Apronti, Christian Numo, Abraham Adjungor, Kofi Dzagble, Joshua Larweh, Wisdom Dzagble and Onyame Koble.

The police has condemned “this criminal conduct and we wish to strongly caution the public to desist from attacking any individual or group, particularly any Law Enforcement Agent or risk being arrested and prosecuted.”

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