Thirty frontline workers have tested positive for Covid-19 in the line of duty in the Ashanti Region.

This revelation came to the fore as authorities celebrate the drop in cases at Obuasi which has become the Region’s hotspot.

Dr Emmanuel Tenkorang, Ashanti Regional Director of Health who was updating the media on the latest developments Wednesday said, doctors, nurses, health assistants, mortuary attendants and other paramedics have become victims.

Details of how these professionals in various facilities across the region  came into contact with the virus are unavailable.

According to him, all of them are doing well with some recovered.

“Some of them have recovered and they’ve returned to their work.”

“Usually health workers and those who are closer to the infection that will always get it,” Dr Tinkorang added.

A scene from the Obuasi Central Market in April

Meanwhile, health professionals are celebrating a decline in Covi-19 infections in Obuasi and Ashanti region in general.

The region, currently with 886 positive cases did not register new cases for the first time in several weeks.

“The good thing is that, the rate of infection is going down. The number of new cases we are having are not as many as that we recorded in April, comparing that of May.

“So that means that whatsoever we are doing, we are doing it right and that we should continue to do it and then adhere to the protocols and the guidelines,” he said.

Dr. Tinkorang says reinforced protocols, early detection of cases and isolation have contributed to the positive development.

He attributed the surge in cases to uncleared samples at the laboratories and an index case that contributed to the spread of infections.

Ashanti Regional Director of Health said intensive surveillance has since been strengthened with combined stakeholder effort to bring the situation under control.

“The good news is that, the new cases of infection in Obuasi has reduced. It was only during the period of April 19 to 27th that we have the upsurge of cases. And since then, the number of cases has reduced in Obuasi,” he said.