Dr George Akuffo Dampre, the Inspector General of Police

A survey conducted by the Bureau of Public Safety has revealed that 56% of Ghanaians are confident in the new police administration under the new Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr George Akuffo Dampare.

The survey conducted to observe the first 100 days of police administration under the new boss found 37% of the respondents being neutral, with 7% saying they do not have confidence in the new police administration.

The online public survey conducted between October 18, to November 7, polled responses from 583 respondents.

The survey further noted that 59% claimed that there have been some improvements in the police service under the new administration, whereas 36% believed that things appeared the same, 6% claimed that the Service under the new administration is worse.

On crime prevention, 13% claimed that the police service was proactive in dealing with crime, 30% said they were less proactive, while 21% said the Service was not proactive in preventing crime, the remaining 36% were undecided.

Concerning emergency response from the service, 53% said the service is slow in responding to emergencies, 16% claimed that the police did not show up to respond to emergencies, while 2% said the police responded faster than expected.

Another 29% said the police responded almost on time.

The Bureau noted that the survey “will provide hints and leads into the public’s general opinion on safety and security cum police performance. Responses from the survey also throw light on policing aspects that the Ghana Police Service will need to focus attention and resources on in short to medium term, if not the long term.”

Dr George Akuffo Dampare was sworn in as the IGP on October 8 after he had served as acting IGP for two months.

He was previously the Director-General in charge of Administration at the Ghana Police Service.

The appointment of Dr Dampare was met with applause and praises from some Ghanaians.

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