African football’s governing body put out a statement advising teams to prepare for the sweltering heat that will hit Egypt throughout the Nations Cup. 

The Confederation of African Football (Caf) have warned nations participating at the Africa Cup of Nations finals to brace themselves for the likelihood of playing games in unbearable temperatures.

As reported by Ahram Online, Caf says the average temperature during the Afcon finals is likely to be between 35-38 degrees Celsius with an average humidity of 40-60%.

"This would give a high wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) index reading above 32 degrees," the statement read.

"It is certain that most teams will be aware of this and will train accordingly.

"At this level, Fifa recommends three-minute rest-and-refreshing breaks in the 30th and 75th minutes.

"These breaks must require the provision of cold containers on wheels to put crushed ice, drinks for referees and small towels cold and wet to place around the neck for 26 people (four referees and 22 players).

"It will also be necessary to prepare for any eventuality of emergencies. It will be important to be able to diagnose and treat heat-related illnesses if they occur on site."

A few matches at the finals commence at 16:30 local time (14:30 GMT), others at 19:00 (17:00 GMT) and 22:00 (20:00 GMT) and then later, at the end of the group phase, at 18:00 and 21:00.

The biennial showpiece kicks off on June 21 with hosts Egypt battling Zimbabwe in the tournament opener.