Former Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu has revealed that President Akufo-Addo was indeed aware and had consented to the conferment of immunity on former President John Mahama even before it was made public that Mahama was Government Official 1 in the Airbus Scandal.

This negates the Secretary to the President, Nana Bediatuo Asante’s November 17 letter to Martin Amidu in which he claimed that the former Special Prosecutor had “erroneously and without moral or legal basis” decide to confer immunity on National democratic Congress Presidential Candidate, John Mahama.

“Indeed, even when you erroneously and without moral or legal basis decided to confer immunity from investigation and prosecution on the presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, in connection with the infamous five million Euro Airbus bribery affair, by refusing to investigate him on the clearly untenable grounds of his being a candidate for President, neither the President nor any member of the Executive challenged that strange exercise of your discretion.

“Surely this was in furtherance of the protection of the independence of your office,” part of the statement said.

To this end, Martin Amidu stated clearly that the above statement was a false representation of what had actually conspired while he was in office.

In his 25-page letter he stated, “I took the decision to hold in abeyance the investigation of former President John Dramani Mahama with the knowledge and consent of the President as the Chairman of the National Security Council on purely national security grounds and not politics.”

He further revealed that the President had urged him to explore whether or not it was prudent to investigate Mahama after he won the NDC primaries to be its flagbearer.

“The President also knows that he instructed a Minister of State while he the President was on a campaign tour in the Northern Region to liaise with me to explore whether or not it was prudent to investigate former President Mahama after he won his party’s primaries to be its flagbearer.

“The President was briefed as Chairman of the National Security Council as to why the investigation had to be held in abeyance till after the election and he consented to it. I can prove this with mathematical precision if the President so wishes,” he said.

Martin Amidu added that statements made by the Executive Director of CDD Ghana, Dr. Henry K. Prempeh on JoyNews’ Newsfile a fortnight ago concerning he, Martin Amidu’s resignation and his reasons not to prosecute John Mahama were mere falsehoods.

According to him, the CDD Ghana boss was in bed with the government on the matter.

“I heard and read Dr. Henry K. Prempeh, the Executive Director of CDD Ghana, peddle the same falsehoods you have repeated in your paragraph 10 on Joy FM which was reported on 14th November 2020 online under the title: “Airbus Scandal: Martin Amidu had no excuse not to prosecute Mahama.”

“This was after I had seen him in the Presidency in the company of two other lawyers on a working day before his Saturday the 14th November 2020 engagement on Joy FM damning my legitimate exercise of discretion as the Special Prosecutor after taking all relevant matters in consideration. Dr. Henry K. Prempeh knows that I know he is a friend to the President, and I have told him so in two meetings that the CDD held with me in my former office to use that influence to assist the Office.”