Actor Amitabh Bachchan is back in the work mode in the right earnest. As he returns to the sets after recovering from the coronavirus, he has embraced work with a vengeance.

“Yooo .. hooo !!! .. back to the grind and work .. 4 campaign films .. 5 outfit changes .. 4 still shoots .. 5 hrs one day .. other than me everyone else looking like they ready for a ‘heist’.. and tomorrow on to KBC .. !!” the actor tweeted.

Through his blog, he also gave a glimpse of what his workday looked like. Sharing a few photos where he is seated on a wheelchair, Amitabh wrote, “Its been a struggle to be back on your feet and the considerate unit accommodates me with this vehicle of convenience.

The surroundings are quiet and disciplined, scarce conversation. A respected look and guidance, care at every wheel turn, crew about, seeking any requirement from me, feeling like a child in the cradle.

All precautions of the mask and PPE and distance and channels where I should wheel away, ready and designed before, people about to take any instructions fatigue, rest, eat something, a coffee or a drink, a break…just say it, no rush no issue.”

He went on to explain that the wheelchair was a requirement for one of the shoots.