The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has urged doctors across the country to be on high alert for the Covid-19 cases, advising that they must regard every patient as a potential coronavirus case.

“All clinicians are to maintain a high index of suspicion for Covid-19 in any/all patent encounters. It is safer to assume any patent being seen at these places is a potential Covid-19 case until proven otherwise,” the Association said in a release on Friday.

The GMA has also urged managers of hospitals across the country to ensure the availability of PPEs at all points of first patient contact, especially at emergency units.

“In very high-risk hospitals such as the Teaching Hospitals and the Greater Accra Regional Hospital (GARH) there is the need to review the protocols for PPE use in the emergency units,” the GMA stated.

Below is the full statement by the GMA that makes other demands on doctors and managers of hospitals.