The West African Education Council (WAEC) has indicated that candidates for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) who hail from the Keta Municipality are participating in the examination.

Currently, residents of Keta and its environs are dealing with the devastating effects of destructive tidal waves that hit the area on November 7.

Speaking on Monday, November 15, 2021, during the Super Morning Show, Agnes Teye-Cudjoe, who is the Head of Public Affairs at the Council explained that as of Friday when final checks were conducted, there were no concerns from the Ghana Education Service (GES) regarding examination centres for candidates in the areas affected by the today waves.

“We have not received any contrary report as to the inability of candidates within those areas to take part in the examination. So the examination will be conducted as per the earlier plans,” she said.

She further noted that “candidates write at specific centres so if nothing stops them from writing at the centre and the candidates can get to these centres safely, the exam will be held in those areas.”

Mrs. Teye-Cudjoe was contributing to discussions on preparations made for the BECE which commenced on Monday morning.

During the show, she indicated the necessary preparations, including printing and distribution of the questions to the various centers, briefing of supervisors, and invigilators have all been done.

“The Council has printed, packed, and distributed all logistics for the exam. We have also briefed invigilators supervisors involved, and we have also sent our team of inspectors to the grounds across the country to monitor the exam,” she stated.

She further disclosed that WAEC has instituted new measures to ensure that the integrity of the BECE is safeguarded. These measures, according to her, will be made public after the exam.

She also touched on cases of leakages in previous examinations. She noted that though investigations are ongoing, no arrests or interdictions have been made yet.

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