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Rlg Uhuru smart phone with limitless freedom

Local technology giants, Rlg Communications is to launch the Uhuru range of mobile phones in coming weeks.

The device manufacturer revolutionarised technology on the continent two years ago when with the introduction of the first locally assembled detachable laptop known as Uhuru.

The detachable laptop was conceptualised to offer freedom to high and middle level professionals and its overwhelming acceptance was expected, particularly in Southern, Eastern and Western parts of Africa.

The soon-to-be released Uhuru range of smart phones come in classic and limited editions. They are high earned and are expected to grant users greater freedom, flexibility and style.

A unique feature of the Uhuru smart phones for instance is that users can have their names embossed on their phones. The limited edition comes in only gold colour but the classic comes in various colours which can even be tailore-made for individuals and corporate entities once they are pre-ordered on the company’s website

The personalized mobile device guarantees the privacy which includes watching what you want when you want, where you want, without prying eyes.

The new Uhuru range of smart phones come after series of rigorous development and research as well as market surveys and customer satisfaction interactions, and is therefore expected to compete favourably on the market.