The much anticipated Humanitarian Awards Global (HAG) has been scheduled to come off at the Labadi Beach Hotel on September 18.

The ceremony is expected to attract many humanitarians, stakeholders and changemakers who are working in their various fields across the globe to make our world a better place.

The ceremony to be held under the theme ‘Celebrating changemakers’ is organised annually to recognise, honour, and celebrate volunteer leaders, NGOs, philanthropists, corporations, and professionals to advance the importance of their incredible contributions to society.

The project also provides a platform for humanitarians to tell their stories, share their impact and network with others in the field.

As part of this year’s edition, a new category, ‘Frontline Covid-19 Heroes’, has been introduced to celebrate the efforts of all persons who, in one way or the other, have restored hope in the country in the midst of the pandemic on both local and international fronts.

The initiative will unearth, celebrate and appreciate outstanding public frontline health workers and other staff from several institutions who led the fight against Covid-19.

Despite the hardships and health risks, thousands of essential frontline workers continue to do their jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

These unsung health heroes will be celebrated for their selfless contributions to saving lives.

Organisers of the event are eager and anticipate the gathering of humanitarians globally.

Many dignitaries from Ghana and abroad are expected to attend this event as they join in honouring everyday heroes.

There will be live band performances from some celebrated artists and other exciting activities to crown the celebration.

The event is supported by the Labadi Beach Hotel, Verna Mineral Water, Wigal, Encore Event & De-queens Ushering Agency, Aaliyah Juice, Osabim, myticketgh, Motions Security, Wyse promo with many other media partners.

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