The newly sworn-in Minister for Ahafo Region says his objective for the next four years in office is to reduce the level of youth unemployment in the region.

According to the Regional Minister, his goal is to champion youth empowerment.

Mr George Boakye has, therefore, directed all six Municipal District Chief Executives (MDCEs) to channel regional funds to job creating opportunities rather than building more schools in their respective districts.

Speaking at a welcoming event in his honour, Mr Boakye said: “We have noticed that the major problem in the region and the country is unemployment. We have built a lot of schools and now these youths have completed and cannot find jobs to do.

“Should there be a need to allocate all monies in the Common Fund to be used to help create job opportunities for the youth, we shall discuss that.”

Mr George Boakye is of the belief that the increase in social vices recorded in the region is a result of unemployment.

“The devil always finds work for the idle hands. If you are not working on your own or employed, any bad idea presented before you, you will accept it. So this arrangement we are making should help reduce crime rates,” he stated.

The Ahafo Minister further indicated that letters will be sent to all six Members of Parliament in the region to come for a sitting on Easter Monday to draw a plan and discuss the way forward.

Meanwhile, Mr Boakye has admonished the constituents to throw in their support and help the government bring development to the region.

“At this point in time, I am praying that God will support me so I can help Ahafo be a safe, secured and united environment,” he added.