Ghanaian luxury women’s apparel and accessories designer, Christie Brown, demonstrates its commitment to impacting its community positively, through the establishment and launch of its official CSR department.

This feat was marked by the company’s 2020 breast cancer awareness campaign.

October is internationally recognized as the month set aside for breast cancer awareness, and is popularly known as ‘Pink October’.

Christie Brown seized the opportunity to ensure that its female staff, as well as the women of the Mamprobi Tuesday market, become more knowledgeable about the most common type of cancer in women all over the world.

The company, in partnership with ‘Claron Health International’, and ‘Red Chilli’, dedicated every Tuesday of October from 10 am to 3 pm, to providing free education and screening sessions for women within the company, as well as those in and around the market.

With one session left to wrap up the campaign, Christie Brown’s breast cancer awareness initiative has provided all necessary items and personnel to ensure women go through the process for free.

Arrangements for referral letters have also been made, should any participants in the free breast screening be found to have breast cancer.

The campaign’s free education has been taking place at the Mamprobi Tuesday market, while the free screening occurs at their production facility, a few meters away from the market.

Vanessa Bannerman, Head of Merchandising and Operations at Christie Brown said, “Women are the heart of Christie Brown, and it is important to us to impact each woman positively.

“By the end of the campaign, we hope to have changed the life of at least one woman- whether by increasing her knowledge on the subject of breast cancer, or by providing the avenue which helped her discover the need for treatment.

“We also hope to affect more lives positively with the establishment of our CSR department. ”

 All women within the area are invited to patronise the last session of this initiative.