Paramount Chief of Aflao Traditional area, Torgbui Adzonugaga Amenya Fiti V has called on the government to take steps in collaborating between Togo and Ghana to fight the tidal waves. 

In an interview with JoyNews during a tour of communities hit by the waves in Ketu South, Torgbui Adzonugaga Amenya Fiti V noted that ECOWAS should help Ghana and Togo fight the natural disaster.

According to Torgbui Fiti, with only ten metres between the sea and the main road in some parts of the municipality, a disaster might strike soon and the entire stretch destroyed if nothing is done immediately.

“Mr President should call for collaboration between Togo to fight the sea which according to him is more urgent than the fight against terrorism by the ECOWAS countries,” Torgbui Fiti said.

Torgbui Fiti, who is worried that his area might also be affected by tidal waves if the sea defence wall project is not extended insisted that ECOWAS must channel some of its energies towards solving issues regarding tidal waves which has become a threat to not only Ghana but Togo as well.

He noted that collaboration among both countries will make it easier to solve the problem so that life can return to normalcy in the communities.

“It is only through collective efforts by the two countries with the help of other ECOWAS countries that can solve the problem with tidal waves because if the sea takes over the entire stretch of coastal communities, Togo and Beni will surely be affected,” Torgbui Fiti said.

Residents of the area who are mostly homeless now as a result of the devastation want the government to heed the advice of the chiefs and resume work immediately.

Residents of Salakope, Agavedzi, Amutsinu in the Ketu South Municipality, and Akplowotorkor, Fuveme, and other island communities in the Anloga District have been under attack by the ravaging sea for several years without a permanent solution in sight.