Spokesperson of Hearts of Oak, Opare Addo believes that the club have another opportunity in the upcoming Confederation Cup to redeem themselves after suffering a 6-1 humiliation by Wydad Athletic Club in Morocco in the CAF Champions league playoffs.

The Ghana Premier league Champions needed to avoid defeat to make it to the group stages of the Champions League but in their quest to avoid defeat, the Phobians ended up getting buttered at the hands of the Moroccan champions.

According to Opare, Hearts have another chance to put a smile on the faces of the fans in the Confederation Cup which kicks off in November.

“We have another opportunity to make ourselves very proud and that is the Confederation Cup,” he said in an interview with JoySports.

“We lost in the champions league level but the confederations also presents another opportunity so we must let Hearts of Oak count, we must remain united and let the supporters continue to stand firm behind the team.”

The Premier league starts on Sunday and Opare believes it comes at a perfect time to help Hearts prepare and compete for the Confederation Cup.

“We also have a Premier League title to defend which we will be starting on Sunday, we are very positive that when we start the competition, the kind of competition we will get from the league will also help us prepare for the Confederation playoffs. The kind of competitions you get in friendly matches are not the same you get in Premier League or any other competitions so we are hoping all of these will be able to strengthen us so that we get the needed results. “

Hearts will begin their Confederation Cup campaign next month.

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