It’s been a year since Ghana recorded its first coronavirus case and many survivors have been sharing their success story.

For Matilda Agamu, who was the first person to contract the virus in the Upper East, the journey from being a patient to recovery has been an overwhelming one.

In 2020 she was stigmatised by some members of her community after she became the first Covid-19 patient in the upper east region.

When Matilda first tested positive, she was nine months pregnant at the time.

Despite having been treated, declared recovered and discharged, Matilda had to face stigmatization together with her husband who also later tested positive for the virus. 

She was unable to reopen her shop for business because the women who were trading with her at the market, warned her not to show up there, for fear she could infect them with the virus.

Matilda’s eight-year-old daughter was also pelted with stones by other children in the community because they did not want her to get close to them, for fear that she could infect them with the virus, since her parents had tested positive. 

After joy news reported about her plight, the family received many donations and support from many well-meaning individuals and organizations.

Later, Matilda successfully delivered her baby – a girl.

When she was strong enough, Matilda decided to become an anti – stigma champion in the coronavirus battle.

With the help of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) and local NGO, RISE Ghana, Matilda appeared on many platforms to speak against the stigmatization of people who had contracted or recovered from the coronavirus.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Albert Sore, Mrs Agamu said today her family can safely sit in the front yard of their home without seeing discriminatory looks.

She said that she joined the “Wear a Mask, Save a Life” Campaign by Joy News, to help educate residents and Ghanaians about the importance of wearing the nose masks.

Matilda Agamu said she plans to keep on with her campaigns for as long as necessary.