Deputy General Secretary and Member of the Infectious Diseases Committee of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr. Titus Beyuo

The Deputy General Secretary of the Infectious Diseases Committee, Dr Titus Beyuo is urging the Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service to make available detailed reports on progress made to cure infected coronavirus patients in the country.

Dr Titus Beyuo, explained on JoyNews’ Newsfile, Saturday, that taking this decision to inform frontline health workers of the milestones made will inspire them.

According to him, viewing the national progress in contact tracing, left him confident in the system, an opportunity that should be extended to all frontline health workers so they remain positive about the future.

“I think we should have these communication channels very well outlined. The people at the frontline of this work must know more detailed information than what is given to the public,” he said.

“And that should guide them in decision making. For instance, I have been privy to the detailed work that is being done as far as contact tracing is concerned. When I got the details I got so confident and I was like this system is working but how many people know this?” he added.

“I know how many people were called on phone yesterday and how many people they went to visit; at Legon, they also went to the halls of residence to meet the people who are supposed to be exposed.”

He further explained that if the health professionals on the ground are made privy to progress reports, they will also believe in their jobs.

“I think we need to look at communication, in two-folds. Communication to the general public that inspires confidence that we are doing our best at this and we are carrying the people along and more importantly for me, from where I’m coming from, is the communication to health workers,” he said.

“The health system is working hard and public health officials are putting in their very best and I think that our government has to be commended. However there are a few improvements we need to do.”

So far, Ghana has recorded 19 confirmed cases of coronavirus. The latest three were reported on March 21, 2020.