The National Communication Authority (NCA) has cautioned all media houses to act in accordance with the terms and conditions specified under the regulatory body’s purview.

According to the NCA, the continual existence of broadcasting operators licences will depend on the extent of compliance with the regulations during the December electioneering period.

In a statement issued December 6, the Authority warned that “a breach of the law, once established, will compel the NCA to revoke or suspend the licence or authorisation of the radio or TV station on grounds of national security or public interest.”

The press release also reminded media houses of Section 13 of the Electronic Communications Acts, 2008 (Act 775) which mandates licensees and Authorisation Holders of the Authority not to engage in acts detrimental to national security and the public interest.

The NCA further cautioned “all Authorisation Holders to cease and desist from engaging or participating in activities of any political party as established convention which prohibit political parties from engaging in political activities or campaign 24 hours before the elections due to be held on 7th December 2020.”