Video: 60% of Ghanaians are pure evil - Funny Face

Video: 60% of Ghanaians are pure evil - Funny Face
Source: Ghana | | EDA
Date: 19-09-2019 Time: 10:09:41:am

Comedian, Funny Face, has bemoaned the lack of support and push Ghanaians give each other to grow.

The comedian is saddened that Ghanaians generally do not want to see their fellow excel in their endeavours. 

Citing his life’s experience to buttress his point, Funny Face said he has 1.6 million likes on Facebook, 1.1 million followers on Instagram and 1 million followers on Twitter but they do not really support or push what he does.

“How many times do you see that they share my videos,” he quizzed in an interview with KMJ on Showbiz Now on Joy Prime.

“Here they won’t push you. You are pushing yourself too, they will fight you,” the comedian stressed.

Following numerous bad experiences, the comedian, who is also an actor, has come to the conclusion that “That’s why I said 60% of most Ghanaians,” are evil.

“40% are real; they push their people. I know genuine fans who are real. 40% of Ghanaians, they want to see you make it,” he admitted.  

Watch the video below: