Video: Show up, you have a good case – Bulldog to NAM1

Video: Show up, you have a good case – Bulldog to NAM1
Source: Ghana| | Nasiba Yakubu
Date: 11-01-2019 Time: 04:01:55:pm

Artist manager Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson, popularly known as Bulldog, is urging the Chief Executive Officer of the embattled Menzgold to come out of hiding and defend himself.

In a Facebook video posted by Bulldog himself, he told Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM1), he will not face any jail term because he has done nothing wrong.

“Show up, you will not be jailed. You did not defraud anybody,” he stated.

The artist manager at Zylofon, a record label owned by Nana Appiah Mensah, added, “you have a good case, you were running your business until this present administration messed it up.”

Menzgold Ghana Limited has been in the news for some months after the Securities and Exchange Commission ordered the gold trading firm, to suspend their operations with the public with immediate effect. 

After several ups and downs with SEC on whether they [SEC] can regulate Menzgold or not, the company closed its doors after it failed to pay the dividends of its customers.

In October 2018, some customers held a press conference to demand the company for their payments or they said they would be forced to take drastic actions.

The aggrieved customers, after the closure of the company doors, frequently made their concerns about the saga in public. Days before Christmas, they besieged the Dzorwulu office of Menzgold in Accra to demand their investments paid to them.

In November 2018, they demonstrated at the Nkrumah Circle calling on government to help them get back their dividends.

But Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta said the government will not bail-out the aggrieved customers.

“It is not in the place of government to refund or get your money for you,” he said and indicated at the third Capital Market conference in Accra that doing so would be bailing out greed.

Also, Deputy Governor of the BoG, Elsie Awadzi, told Daniel Dadzie on the Super Morning Show on Tuesday that the Bank of Ghana has no power to intervene in the case of the Menzgold customers.

However, Bulldog in his video blamed SEC and the Bank of Ghana for the cries of all Menzgold customers and also for collapsing the business.

“When you started this campaign against Menzgold, you said you were protecting customers and its investments, yes that’s what government said, [but] today we are being called greedy,” he stated.

He said Data Bank owned by the Finance minister makes profit and also give profits to its customers just like Menzgold.

“If that is the case then the idea or the concept of business is greed,” he added.

Bulldog added “you [government] came in to mess things up, not to protect us and you’ve delayed our investments from coming to us, why,” he quizzed.

He said if the authorities felt Menzgold’s dealings were wrong or were dubious, they could have gone about in better ways.

He explained the reason NAM1 took SEC to court was to get them and the Bank of Ghana off his back so he will deal with his customers because they [Menzgold] was not regulated by any of those institutions.

He advised NAM1 to read through the releases of SEC and BoG again and realize those instituions had no business interfering in his work because he was not licensed with them.

“None of your people will be jailed, you did nothing wrong,” he added.

He urged his boss to be strong through it all because people have gone through worse. Bulldog in the video said he stands with him no matter what.