Actress and video vixen Akuapem Poloo has been attacked by the wife of the musician she posted wedding videos of in September.

The actress born Rosemond Brown was ambushed by the lady at the parking lot of the West Hills Mall while she was with King Mondo – the said musician.

The lady who was ready to fight Akuapem Poloo claimed the social media star was having an affair with her “husband” after seeing wedding videos of the two go viral.

When the man tried to get between them she asked, “are you denying me?” To which he replied, “I am not denying you…baby I can explain.”

She tried again to hit Akuapem Poloo, but, King Mondo put some space between the two women to help calm the situation.

Taking to her Instagram page to share the now viral video, Akuapem Poloo stated that she was disappointed the artiste had not told his wife the wedding videos were scenes from a music video they were shooting.

“Oh God please hold my heart always🤦 @kingmondomusic you will pay for this. How can you let your wife embarrass me this way?😌,” she wrote.

“You should’ve told her the wedding videos that came out was a music video…she left UK to Ghana just to do this to me wow wow 😩. Thanks somebody saw her coming and took a video for me I will everyone know about what your wife did today

Akuapem Poloo had teased fans with the said wedding claiming in one of her post that it took place at the Alisa Hotel.

Although she did not deny fans’ claims she had tied the knot, the actress also did not confirm whether she was officially married or not.

After seeing series of videos, some fans had concluded the actress may be pulling a prank while others suggested the wedding was for a project she was on.