The family of an 18-year-old student is calling for the interdiction, arrest, and immediate prosecution of the Headmaster of the Peki Senior High School in the Volta Region.

Jonathan Agbley is alleged to have lured and forcefully had sexual intercourse with their daughter who is carrying a 3 months old pregnancy.

The victim, narrating the incident said: “the first time he invited me to his office, he said the shorts I’m wearing is too tight so I should take off my uniform so he teaches me how to wear the shorts. Just then someone knocked on the door and I went out to the dormitory.”

The headmaster who is due to go on pension by the end of the year managed to convince the student on another day and had his way with her.

“On the 16th of this month, around 4 pm in the evening, a girl came to call me that our headmaster is calling me so I followed her to the headmaster’s house.

“When we got there, she gave a parcel to the headmaster and he asked her to go back to campus, explaining that he (the headmaster) has something to discuss with me so the girl left.”

“After she left, the headmaster asked me to sit on a chair close to him. He then said he is aware that I am pregnant and that if someone gets pregnant, that person needs to be having sex, but because the guy who impregnated me is not on campus, he will take me as his daughter and do everything that will be needed,” the victim said.

According to her, Jonathan Agbley warned that “what he is about to do, I shouldn’t draw the attention of anybody otherwise what he will do to me I will not like it.”

He deceived the victim, telling her that “if you are three months pregnant and don’t have sex, you will give birth to a disabled child.”

After that, he raped her.

The family told Joy News reporter, Fred Kwame Asare, that the student after the incident is unable to sleep at night, complains of body and abdominal pains among others.

Speaking with Joy News, a member of the girls family is concerned that the Headmaster may have infected the victim with a Sexually Transmitted Disease and asked for the Mr Agbley to be arrested so that a test can be conducted on him.

“I want the headmaster to be arrested so a test is conducted on him to ascertain whether or not he is a carrier of any disease such as HIV/AIDS, that is our concern,” a family member said.

Chairperson of the school’s Parent and Teachers Association (PTA), Christian Ani-Frimpong, on hearing the news has implored the Ghana Education Service (GES) to investigate the allegations.

“I am petitioning the GES to intervene because they are like the heads of the school and if an incident of this nature happens, it is only fair that we call on them to investigate the matter.”

He described the act by Mr Agbley as not just unfortunate but an abomination.

“This is a serious taboo. For somebody to have sex with a lady impregnated by another man is unheard of so GES should take this matter up and investigate it.”

An attempt made by the reporter to hear Mr Agbley’s comments on the matter proved futile as he declined to comment on the matter, saying that his superiors are investigating the allegations.