Pastor Francis Ansere: Is condom the solution?

The condoms and drugs are believed to have been stolen to be resold locally

Is it condoms that we really need to improve upon Sexual Reproductive Health in our nation?

Evidently, you might be presuming wearing a condom is a safety measure because,

📌 It will reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV/AIDS.

📌 Unwanted pregnancies will be drastically reduced.

📌 Rape cases will not be encouraged because mutually agreed sexual acts will be on the go, and many others.

Ostensibly, these are the presumptions people do have pertaining to the free sharing of condoms.

However, this thinking is clearly a product of ignorance as well as a failure to look at the bigger picture on the matter

Now, if we are indisputably convinced that giving people condoms or putting them at vantage points for people to freely access is the best solution to solve the Sexual Reproductive Health issues of our nation (especially protecting the females) and then to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS, then the question is, 'what exactly should people use the condoms for to reach that end as a nation, ie; the end of Improving our sexual reproductive health as a nation?'

It ought to be stated for a fact, that distributing free condoms communicates a silent 'message' and comes at a greater cost to us all!

If condoms are distributed freely for people to use, indirectly we are assuming everybody is having pre-marital sex (which is a false assumption) and you are telling those who are not engaging in pre-marital sex including those already engaged in it, ‘you can have sex without getting pregnant or contracting any sexual infections, so indulge yourselves’.

Distribution of condoms is just empowering our people the more to be sleeping and ‘sexing’ around. We are just defeating the very ideals we seek to achieve.

These so-called positive sides of using condoms are just feeble attempts to really delve into the roots of the sexual reproductive health problems we face as a nation and to make ourselves feel better that we are doing something worthwhile.

In fact, they are dead aids -inadequate bandages we are providing ourselves for refusing to deal with or heal our moral wounds at its roots.

Also, anyone reading this article who is of the view that policies and initiatives like this are good and they will serve a greater good should understand that it only has a semblance of solving the problem. But at the deeper level, nothing is really being solved. We are only compounding our health issues as a matter of fact.

It will only promote immoral sexual escapades and irresponsible sexual life on our campuses, communities, social institutions and nation.

Our men will now escape all the responsibilities that come with sex, and consequently marriage because, now, they can have free sex, and hence why marry?

(Why marry because a lot of people in our culture rightly believe that marriage is the proper avenue for having sex).

Again, it will encourage our young men and women soon to be our nation’s future fathers and mothers to escape the responsibilities of reproducing and taking care of a child, since the use of condoms now prevents childbirth, hence there would be no child to raise.

Giving free condoms on our various tertiary campuses, SHS institutions, social functions and in our many national youth award settings is the beginning of the downward slide of the fame, glory, greatness and nobility of our most prestigious high schools, tertiary institutions and that of our dear Nation.

First, if I can have sex outside marriage without facing its consequences because I have been given condoms, why then should I be committed to a single partner in a relationship leading to marriage?

Second, to give condoms on campuses and many other social functions is to program our men to grow to become ‘playboys’, and women to become “desperate housewives” or “desperate emotionally broken corporate/working class women” who are “mad”.

What is more, if these initiatives of providing free condoms everywhere are unchecked, uncensored and continuously unhindered, we are gradually digging our own graves and the grave of our dear Nation.

This is because we are denying our country the right to have men who grow to become faithful husbands and responsible fathers. We are also literally denying our women the opportunity to grow to become supportive and complimentary wives and responsible nurturing mothers who raise morally

strong men and highly intelligent free women for our nation.

Again, if I can have ‘free sex’ by means of condoms distributed freely on campuses and at various social functions, why would I desire to marry early, build a home, work hard enough to create, generate and multiply wealth to make a better future for the woman I love and the kids I have brought to the world?

To have it as a policy and an initiative to distribute free condoms is a great sign of having a very low and dehumanizing perspective of men and women, and humanity as a whole!

We submit to the conscience of every reader of this article that this agenda of distributing

condoms to our youth are everything against the great future we want for our nation!

Why should we by our efforts tear down what we are trying to build?

If you are also thinking that sharing condoms is the best solution given the kind of generation and world we live in, it is simply because you do not do not believe that there can be a better alternative or solution to our sexual problems we face as a people. That is clearly fatalistic thinking devoid of any hope anI optimism.

Indeed, there is a higher and better solution that when implemented will greatly curb and reduce all matters concerning the abuse and misuse of sex, and ultimately improve upon our Sexual Reproductive Health as a Nation.

Before we talk about the solution, let’s take a careful look at SEX.

To understand the concept of SEX, we must understand,

1. What SEX is and its place in the human story/development?

2. That sex should be practiced within a particular Universal Context.

3. And lastly, that when sex is abused, it has Academic, Social, Economic and Political

consequences on the individual and the nation at large.


To be continued……

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DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.