Sammy Gyamfi is the NDC's National Communications Officer

The National Communications Officer of the NDC, Sammy Gyamfi, is of the view that this year’s Christmas celebrations is likely to be the worst experience in the lives of Ghanaians across the country.

According to Mr. Gyamfi, the regular increment in fuel prices and the rise in the prices of goods are the basis for his assertion that the holidays will be unpleasant for Ghanaians.

“As you do know, the last quarter of the year usually presents an opportunity for many to turn their economic fortunes as we prepare for the yuletide.

“However, given the persistent increases in fuel prices we are witnessing and the ever-skyrocketing prices of goods on the market, it looks like we are heading for the worst Christmas ever for the Ghanaian people,” he intimated.

In a statement issued on Monday, following a press conference at the party’s headquarters, the NDC lamented the recent hikes in fuel prices; describing the situation as insensitive.

In the party’s opinion, the hikes can be attributed to government’s reckless posture on borrowing and the incompetence of the current NPP regime.

The NDC is therefore calling on government to intervene in the situation in order to ease the burden on Ghanaians.

The party is also pleading with government to roll out measures to overturn the impending discomfort which may befall Ghanaians during the Christmas festivities.

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