The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has advised Ghanaians who have any headaches, extreme fatigue, fever and other flu-like symptoms, to get tested for Covid-19.

According to GMA, there has been a steep rise in Covid-19 cases likely driven by Omicron variant hence people are advised not to self-medicate “especially for unproven malaria”.

In a press release dated December 22, the Association stated that “the Covid-19 Pandemic still poses an existential challenge to the health of all persons living in the country. The escalation in the number of cases of the disease, if not checked, has the potential of further weakening our already fragile health system.”

The GMA added that “the non-adherence to the preventive measures, especially during this festive season has the potential to further escalate the spread of the disease and its attendant consequences for individuals, families and the country as a whole.”

The Association urged all Ghanaians to take advantage of the Ghana Health Service and government’s drive to vaccinate all Ghanaians of age 15years and above.

“The GMA calls for an urgent scale-up of Covid-19 Testing and Contact Tracing for all positive cases as well as strict isolation and management of all infected persons to help break the chain of transmission,” they added.

This follows the Ghana Health Service announcement that Ghana’s Covid-19 active cases had shot up to 2,428. This was after they revealed that as of December 16, the Service recorded 437 new cases but in its latest update, the GHS said as of December 17, the figure has risen to 509.

Get tested for Covid-19 if you have flu-like symptoms - GMA

These cases were recorded in the Greater Accra, Eastern, Bono and Bono East regions as well as the Kotoka International Airport (KIA).

These additional cases bring Ghana’s total confirmed cases to 133,555 while the death count is now at 1,265. GHS added that about 24 people are currently in severe condition.

Meanwhile, GMA called on the Ghana Police Service, all Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDA’s) as well as the Ghana Tourism Authority to strictly enforce all COVID-19 Protocols at all events and celebrations.

They explained that all offenders of the Covid-19 protocols should be brought to book without fear or favour to prevent a potentially deadly fourth wave of Covid-19 in the country. 

“As a matter of urgency, social activities such as parties, night clubs, church services, market activities, funerals and other mass gatherings of such nature should be regulated or restricted. Failure to do this may have dire consequences for all of us come the year 2022,” they added.

The Association also urged the Ministry of Health, Ghana Health Service and the National Commission for Civic Education to re-launch and intensify Covid-19 education.

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