The Country Representative of the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, Ndiaga Gueye, has disclosed that the UN supported government with $5 million in two years to end hunger and improve healthy nutrition.

According to him, the FAO is committed to ensuring the realization of SDG 2, hence allocating about $40 billion annually to support deficient countries.

He said “FAO estimates as much as $40 to $50 billion as an annual investment as part of interventions to ending hunger by 2030. There are plenty low cost, high-impact projects that can help millions of people to overcome hunger. In Ghana, FAO in the past two years has approved over $5 million in support of government’s effort in the quest to end hunger and improve nutrition.”

Speaking at the 41st World Food Day observance, World Food Programme (WFP) representative, Anna Mukiibi-Bunnya, also revealed that her outfit has partnered with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) to train 20,854 smallholder farmers on Climate-Smart Agriculture practices.

“This year, as delegates from around the world gather in Glasgow for COP 26 to accelerate action towards achieving the climate change goals set in the Paris Agreement, the call for local level action remains prominently on the agenda.  WFP has partnered with MoFA to train 20,854 smallholder farmers on Climate Smart Agriculture practices with the aim of promoting sustainable food production,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister for Food and Agriculture, Yaw Frimpong Addo, says the sector needs more support to adopt improve technology, address high cost of financing, among others.

“Covid-19 has also thought us the need for increased value addition to produced food, the need to leverage technology for efficiency throughout the entire agriculture value chain, and the need to reduce post-harvest losses through better storage and processing techniques. Mr. Chairman, the challenges of agriculture, including low technology adoption, high cost of financing, poor access to markets and low-value addition continue to persist and we must fine solutions to them,” he said.

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