The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) and MBA Safety Ghana have launched the ‘One Facility, One Fire Extinguisher’ initiative which seeks to allow people to own fire extinguishers for a reduced price, to fight fires before they become uncontrollable.

The ‘One Facility, One Fire Extinguisher’ will also educate people on how to use the fire extinguishers as the GNFS has noticed that most people do not know how to use one.

The campaign will enable the public to install at least one fire extinguisher in their homes, offices and cars.

The new project comes as the GNFS says it has witnessed a rise in fire outbreaks that could have initially been controlled.

In the last year, the GNFS has recorded 5,531 fire outbreaks.

Out of the 5,531, 753 were recorded to have been extinguished by the fire service and 1,823 were quenched by residents.

Abelenkpe Fire Service Commander, Ben Quarshie, who was at the launch of the project, believes that the ‘One Facility, One Fire Extinguisher’ project will go a long way to help significantly reduce the high number of fire cases.