Controversial Rwandan musician Kizito Mihigo has been arrested by police for allegedly trying to illegally leave the country.

The gospel singer, popularly known by his first name Kizito, is banned from leaving Rwanda without permission because of a previous conviction.

Police say he will be charged with bribery and attempting to leave the country for the purpose of going to join a rebel group.

A resident in the south-western Nyaruguru district told BBC Great Lakes that on Thursday villagers had stopped the musician, who was carrying a heavy bag, and handed him over to police.

“I was there, I saw him. Villagers who stopped him said he was trying to cross to Burundi using illegal roads. From here to the border it’s less than five minutes’ walk.”

Pictures of the music star and two other men taken when they were reportedly caught by villagers have been circulating on social media:

Five year years ago Kizito was sentenced to 10 years in jail after being convicted of planning to kill President Paul Kagame and inciting hatred against the government.

He was pardoned by the president in 2018 on condition he only leave the country with judicial permission