Dr Emmanuel Tinkorang is the Ashanti Regional Health Director

Health authorities in the Ashanti region have decried the increasing rate of Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy among the public.

Regional Health Director, Emmanuel Kojo Tinkorang, says though there is enough Covid-19 vaccines for the population, many people continue to shy away from taking the jabs.

The directorate has covered only 30 per cent of the region’s 5.8 million population.

Out of the 30 per cent coverage, fully vaccinated accounts for about 1 million with partially vaccinated accounting for 1.7 million whilst about 300,000 people have received boosters.

Dr Tinkorang fears the apathetic behaviour of the public may affect efforts to secure 70 percent vaccine coverage to reach herd immunity.

“The challenge that we have right now is the vaccine hesitancy.  A lot of people don’t want to take the vaccine.”

He observed the easing of Covid safety protocols has worsened the situation, as some residents doubt the existence of Covid-19.

“The assumption is that Covid-19 is over; for that reason, it’s not necessary for them to take the vaccine.” Dr Tinkorang said.

“So despite the fact that we’ve pushed a lot of vaccines into the system, our coverage in the Ashanti region is just 30 per cent, but we need 70% vaccination coverage before we can say that we have achieved that herd immunity,” he added.

He spoke at a media launch of Covid-19 vaccination exercise scheduled for 21-15 April, 2022.

Four hundred doses of vaccines have been made available for first-timers, second dose and boosters.