Newly appointed Head coach of the Black Stars, Milovan Rajevac has expressed his belief of changing the trend of unsuccessful second comings at the senior national team level.

The Serbian tactician, who was unveiled on Friday, accepted to return to Ghana after 11 years on a one-year-deal worth $30,000 per month as salary to replace sacked Charles Akonnor.

He is one of the best coaches in the history of Ghana football after leading the Black Stars to the quarter-finals of the World Cup and the final of the Africa Cup of Nations in 2010. The Black Stars “B” also made it to the final of the maiden edition of the CHAN tournament in 2009 under his tutelage.

But the trend of coaches failing to live up to expectations in their second coming has met his appointment with some rancour. Bukhard Ziese was strongly credited for building a formidable team that went to the AFCON 1992 final but his return saw the team fail to qualify to the continental showpiece in the 2004 edition.

Kwesi Appiah became the first local coach to secure a World Cup ticket in 2014 coupled with memorable wins such as the 6-1 triumph over 7-time AFCON champions Egypt. He, however, was not able to convince the FA to renew his contract after exiting the last 16 of the AFCON in Egypt 2019.

“I am here to prove that narrative wrong. If I did not believe that, I will not accept this challenge, this job so I will try to do my best,”. The 67 year old to Joy Sports Haruna Mubarak at the unveiling.

“The bar was set very high but we are here to make history. If you don’t believe that, you cannot achieve anything. I strongly believe in my players. I know how Ghanaians are talented and I know how much they can offer and if they believe in me the way I believe in them, we can achieve great things,” He concluded.

Milovan has already submitted his squad to the Football Association and is expected to be made public soon for the doubleheader against Zimbabwe in October in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers for Qatar 2022.

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