Member of Parliament-elect for Madina constituency, Francis-Xavier Sosu has revealed what he did to unseat the incumbent MP, Boniface Abubakar Siddique with a huge margin.

According to Mr Sosu, he gave the people in his constituency a listening ear as he embarked on his campaign.

The tour enabled him to realise that there were more issues on the ground than he had initially envisioned.

“I listened more to the people and listened to the ground. I realized that there were many issues confronting Madina, and I did the listening tour, where I listened to them,” he said.

According to Mr Sosu, his campaign messages were fashioned around the needs of the people in the constituency as many of people identified and related to them.

He added that his resounding victory was as a result of the flashy message on Youth Empowerment and Job Creation which the people connected to.

“My message was basically fashioned around the needs of the community so many people identified with those messages particularly Youth Empowerment and Job Creation,” the politician added.

The MP-elect further ascribed his victory to God and the staunch faith he had in the people. He noted that: “I think that it’s been more connected with the people and my fidelity to God because I am a bit religious and I take my God factor out.”

Mr Sosu revealed that after losing the primaries in 2015, he did not give up. Instead, he maintained the faith he had in the people which helped him to relaunch his comeback in 2019 after getting the nod to represent NDC in the parliamentary election.

“I kept faith with the people, I did not give up. I relaunched my come back in 2019 and this time I had the nod to represent the NDC in the general election and throughout this whole exercise I think that it’s been more connected with the people,” he said.

The MP-elect added that he wants to be the new hope for Madina constituency.

Learning from outgoing MP, Abubakar Sadiq Boniface, he said he intends to live up to expectation by not detaching himself from the ground.

“He was a bit detached from the ground because anywhere you go, people kept saying that we have not seen him before and so I think learning from all these things, I am hoping that I don’t repeat his mistakes so that I can really be the light I want to be for Madina, the new hope I want to be for Madina, the new direction and the new mission I am bringing for Madina, I can actualize it,” he said.