Health workers at the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) have been celebrated for their heroic acts since the Covid-19 pandemic was first recorded in Ghana.

The health workers including laboratory scientists, nurses, doctors, cleaners among others, all wore their professional attire to church for the occasion.

ICGC’s General Overseer, Mensah Otabil said the church was grateful for the sacrifices made by the health workers, some of whom had to stay away from their families for prolonged periods because of the roles they play at the covid centres. 

“Throughout this whole period from total lockdown to all the limitation we continue to live with, with the disease, there are some people who are unavoidably thrown into the frontline of the disease and these are health workers and we want to recognise them today,” he said.

The entire church applauded the workers and Pastor Otabil announced, gifts would be given to each of them.

“Whether you have been directly involved in the coronavirus battle or not, we still honour you because you still care for people in various degrees of pain or hurt. People who try to keep human lives working are so valuable and if you’ve ever needed their service you know how valuable they are.”

Executive Pastor of Christ Temple, Albert Ocran read a citation for the health workers on behalf of the church

“In these moments of great peril, you have become the instruments in the hands of God to preserve humanity. The task on hand required great sacrifices and yet you rose to the occasion and proved equal to every challenge thrown at you. Today, as we celebrate the successes chalked, we pause to reflect on the great cost to yourselves and on your families,” he indicated.

“Some of you have been infected by the coronavirus along the line. While some of your colleagues have unfortunately paid the ultimate prices of laying down their lives in the line of duty. We thank you for your professional competence. Your Christian commitment to duty and your sense of sacrifices that has made it possible for all of us to be safer today and to look into the future with hope.”

Similar services were replicated at some branches of the church across the world.