The founder of Perez Chapel International, Charles Agyinasare has urged Ghanaians to do away with the “old stuff” in order to see the country transformed.

Delivering a sermon on the theme ‘My Month of Righteousness and Power’, Bishop Agyinasare noted that figure 10 represents totality in the Bible, hence he said the tenth month of the year will bring wholeness and completeness should the citizenry abide by the Lord’s gospel.

“We want to look at a story of hope. A story of the mercy of God. A story of God’s calling and a true story of repentance. So if we the 70 per cent of Christians in this nation did like in the story our nation would transformed,” he preached.

Citing Luke 19: 1-10, Bishop Agyinasare shared the story of Zacchaeus; a tax collector who changed his sinful ways after meeting Jesus.

“Today, Jesus is passing through your life, and anywhere that Jesus passes, history is made, from today, your life will become a testimony,” he prayed.

Analysing Jesus’ interaction with Zacchaeus, Bishop Agyinasare said, it is never too late for an individual to turn on a new leaf.

He, however, noted that only repented people will be favoured in God’s mercies.