Jordan has now scored nine goals this season, marking his best ever tally in the English top flight.

Ghana striker Jordan Ayew says he has no reason to be scared of contracting coronavirus, which has killed more than 800,000 people worldwide.

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the football industry. The game had to be suspended for more than four months. It returned in June amid strict rules for players and coaches.

According to Jordan, who plays in the English Premier League for Crystal Palace, proper measures have been put in place by authorities to keep them save from the virus.

Jordan revealed being tested regularly when football resumed and believes it will continue when the season gets underway next month.

“I am not afraid of contracting the virus and for me it’s a difficult time for the world. For some people, its negative, for others it’s positive,” Jordan said in an interview with Ghanaian media.

For some people it doesn’t really change much so to play in this situation, we get tested every two days or every three days so they are keeping us safe.”

They are looking after us so there’s no problem. There’s no reason why I should be scared or other people should be scared,” he added.

Jordan, who finished last season as Palace’s top scorer with nine goals, is eyeing a fruitful 2020-21 campaign. The English top-flight will start on September 12.