Goosie Tanoh has said that former President Jerry John Rawlings despite his shortcomings had a great love for humanity.

Mr Tanoh said this manifested in various ways including the fact that Mr Rawlings “devoted, and indeed repeatedly risked his life to realise a clear vision of Ghana’s potential.”

“You loved Ghana deeply – her peoples, her cultures, and her physical beauty. You may not have expressed your views in classical/ideological ‘anti-imperialist’ or “Pan-Africanist” terms, but there was never any doubt about your love for all of Africa. 

In a tribute to the late former President, Mr Tanoh revealed that Jerry John Rawlings burned with indignation at the legacies of slavery and colonialism and the resultant disrespect that black people suffer everywhere and was willing to take direct and often undiplomatic actions to fight back against the prejudice.

He also noted that the founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on many occasions took tough and often unpopular decisions to stabilise society and inch back from the precipice of national disintegration and despair that so many other sister countries plunged over in the 1980s and 1990s. 

“Were your calculations always right and was the cost always acceptable?  Of course not. But we do know and can attest to a genuine desire to obtain the most beneficial and lasting solutions to the huge number of problems we faced as a nation and as a continent. Indeed, your intensity and straight-talking often made those around you uncomfortable,” Mr Tanoh said.  

“You were not immune to the contradictions, reversals, and inconsistencies of balancing so many interests to create a path forward for Ghana and the continent.  But it will never be forgotten that in an extremely dangerous period in our countries history when the fire of society’s anger blazed uncontrollably you kept Ghana intact. You kept Ghana whole,” he added.

Speaking further, Mr Tanoh stated that through the efforts of Mr Rawlings, Ghana as a country has enjoyed unprecedented constitutional peace and stability and earned Ghana respect across the continent.  

Highlighting his achievements to the development of the country, Goosie Tanoh noted Jerry John Rawlings is responsible for the democracy currently enjoyed in the country during the era of the 4th republic.

“We all live today in the state that you established – the 4th Republic. And it is important to recognise how many of the elements of the 4th Republican constitutional formula were direct social democratic initiatives developed and piloted through PNDC practice. A few examples will suffice,” he said.

“God knows that you proved a successful nation builder – second only in our history to Osagyefo,” he added. 

Goosie Tanoh’s eulogy comes in the midst of activities marking the final funeral rites of former President Jerry John Rawlings which began on January, 24, 2021.

Following the demise of Mr Rawlings, the Funeral Planning Committee, the family, the Anlo Traditional Council and other state agencies assisting with the funeral arrangements released a funeral plan after a meeting was held to discuss the burial rites of the statesman.

A four day plan was subsequently drawn for the final burial rites to be performed.

Mr Rawlings died on the 12th November at the intensive care unit of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra following a short illness.