In the year 2022, those that know their God will be strong and do exploits.

That’s the assurance of the head pastor of the Osu Restoration Temple of the International Central Gospel Church, (ICGC), Ashford Tawiah Smith to his congregants in a power packed, spirit-filled 2021 Crossover service, Friday night.

In the year christened by the church as the “Year of Increase,” Mr Smith charged believers, particularly, members of the Restoration Temple, to “Look up to heaven” at all times and they shall recieve super natural supply.

He said that in a world that has become a “difficult place,” struck by a pandemic, “with super powers crumbling,” it is only the one who looks up to heaven for divine direction who will make a difference.

In the 'Year of Increase' look to heaven- Osu ICGC Pastor to congregation

Like the multitudes in his foundation text from Matthew 14:14-18, Mr Smith said once believers converge at God’s presence to seek guidance, deliverance and direction in the year 2022, he will not leave them empty and hungry.

“As we enter into the new year no matter where you are and no matter the circumstances God will bless you. God will not send you into 2022 without food.It doesn’t matter what you have in 2022, when you look up to heaven he will change your story.

“Just put whatever have in God’s hands, just give it to Jesus. Everything you need on earth is crafted in heaven. Heaven is the source, the multiplier the abundance. In the year of increase the lord will multiply the little you have.”

He admonished members not to put their expectations and hopes in men, adding, “when we look up to heaven God will respond. Don’t look to man in 2022. Look up to Jesus. You will never slip because our God does not sleep or slumber.”

In the 'Year of Increase' look to heaven- Osu ICGC Pastor to congregation

Covid-19 protocol

Masked under strict Covid-19 protocols, with a reasonable social distancing regime, hundreds of congregants in white apparels could not afford a similar protocol arrangement with their Maker, the one who spared their lives in a pandemic.

In their masks, they sang, danced and prayed in earnest, thanking God for guiding them through a difficult year and more importantly asking God to guide their paths for a smoother and greater 2022.


While many wail in a pandemic across the world, God showed up in magnificent ways for members of the Restoration Temple and with a heart of gratitude, some came with outstanding testimonies.

In 2021 wombs were opened and the God who freely give gifts of children blessed couples with babies.

The God who has promised to be with us in the river, was on duty for a member who was on the verge of drowning after almost five hours in deep sea.

“I know i am good swimmer, but on that day all my swimming techniques failed me but God came through for me” the member testifed of God’s redemption power several years ago.

In the 'Year of Increase' look to heaven- Osu ICGC Pastor to congregation

Prayers into 2022

After a powerful message and a declaration of 2022 as the “Year of Increase”, the church was led into 25 minutes of powerful prayers during which members, their children, family, aspirations for the year 2022, were brought before God.

As the clock ticked into 2022, the church burst into shouts of Jericho, welcoming a new year with promises of increase.

The shouts turned into songs and dance praising God for a new year. The occasion was also used for communion and anointing.

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