Instagram photo: abianamusic

Upcoming singer Abiana has opened up on how long it took her to complete her debut album, ‘Alemle Lala’.

According to her, the album took her five years, penning down lyrics to different songs while enjoying her stint with her high school live band as a background vocalist.

Recounting the chronicles of the album’s making, Abiana explained, “I was just finding myself”.

It is evident that the fast-rising songstress, whose name means ‘they asked, and they received’, has been immersed in music for a long time.

She honed her writing skills for six years until she came into contact with a record label.

The title of her debut album, ‘Alemle Lala’, was inspired by November, which is Abiana’s birth month and the month of her debut album.

A proud Ga girl named the album in her native language; Alemle, meaning November and ‘Lala’ meaning songs.

“Alemle Lala, therefore, simply means ‘Songs from November’, and “I used this [album] as an introduction into the music industry”.

The 12-track album has songs that were created from Abiana’s exploration and sampling of styles and sounds.