Credit: ghgossip; Hitz FM

Rev. Reindolf Oduro Gyebi, known as Eagle Prophet has prophesied that sensational UK-based Ghanaian gospel musician, Joseph Matthew will be the biggest afro-gospel musician in Ghana.

It would be recalled that, in an interview on Hitz FM, Joseph Matthew revealed that even though he is a gospel musician and goes to Church, he is not a Christian.

Explaining his point, the Nyame Ye hitmaker said that Jesus Christ never called His followers Christians, although the name was derived from His name, ‘Christ.’

According to the singer, Jesus Christ only named his followers ‘Disciples’ and not ‘Christians.’

He went on to assert that ‘Christians’ surfaced when Jesus ascended to Heaven, and his disciples continued with his Ministry. Other people saw the mannerism of the disciples which resembled that of their master, hence they were tagged as Christians but Jesus was not a Christian.

Matthew averred that his music has been to glorify the name of the Lord and not for the benefit of a religious group called Christians. He also alluded that Jesus Christ was even against religion.

Reacting to Matthew’s statement in an interview on Hot FM, the Eagle Prophet said the ‘Blessed’ singer is well-versed to make that statement, and that he would become the biggest afro gospel musician ever to be produced in Ghana.

“For a Gospel musician to say he goes to Church but is not a Christian means he knows what he is talking about,” said Eagle Prophet. “I have listened to his submission and I think he has great knowledge about what he is saying,” he continued.

Eagle Prophet fairly corroborated with the gospel musician, saying that: “Even though Joseph Matthew has great knowledge about what he is saying, knowledge has so many forms. For him to say Jesus Christ never named Christians by that name, it’s true. But Jesus Christ speaks through people,” he told Stonchist D’Blakk Soulja on Focal Sports.

The Founder of God’s Crown Chapel went on to advise Joseph Matthew to keep learning because he has a very “powerful song,” Blessed and that can be an advent to him becoming the greatest afro-gospel musician to come from Ghana.

Aside from being a registered mental health practitioner in the UK, Joseph Matthew is an award-winning gospel musician who is pushing strides to build a core fan base here in Ghana.

Over the past two years, he has released hit singles such as Nyame Ye, My Story, The Name, and Not Alone.