Top Kenyan officials led by Foreign Minister Monica Juma have handed back 35.4kg of gold smuggled from Tanzania.

The value of the gold – which the team handed to President John Magufuli – has not been declared but a Kenyan news site is reporting that it is worth at least $1m (£800,000).

The consignment left Mwanza Airport and was on its way to the UAE, before it was seized at the main airport in Nairobi, The Citizen newspaper reports.

The Kenyan delegation also handed back $152,000 stolen from a Tanzanian bank, the newspaper reports.

Mr Magufuli said that he discussed the return of the minerals and cash with his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta.

“I want to remind Tanzanians that you can’t commit crime in Kenya and come and hide in Tanzania and vice versa… you will be nabbed,” Mr Magufuli said.

He also said that investigations will be opened to find out if state officials were involved in the smuggling.