Member of Parliament for Tamale Central, Murtala Mohammed, says the Special Prosecutor nominee, Kissi Agyebeng is unfit to take over the office.

Speaking on AM Show, he said that the private legal practitioner has represented and continues to represent a number of bigwigs in the current administration whom he may have to investigate as Special Prosecutor.

Mr Mohammed stated that the nominee’s relationship with the said personalities will create a conflict of interest and subsequently rob Mr Agyebeng of the ability to go after people close to him if given the nod.

“Some genuine and legitimate concerns have been raised about his relationship with Gabby Otchere Darko and others. One of the responsibilities of the special prosecutor is to look at political corruption.”

“Now when you have a relationship with the actors in this business of politics where there have been series of allegations for which reason you may be needed to prosecute cases it becomes worrying that such a person even accepted the post.”

He further posited that though Mr Agyebeng has not been personally cited for any investigation, “this is a person who has direct ties with someone alleged to be engaged in a lot of deals that are deemed or considered by many in this country to be fraudulent.”

The Tamale Central MP said that he believes Mr Agyebeng should not have accepted the nomination following the numerous concerns about his relationships with personalities which could amount to conflicts of interest in the execution of his mandate.

Legal Practitioner and Chairman of the Electronic Communications Tribunal, Kissi Agyebeng, was nominated on Monday selected to replace Martin Amidu as the next Special Prosecutor by the Attorney General.

The President is, however, yet to make a formal declaration of his nomination to the Special Prosecutor Office.

But, Mr Mohammed said he is concerned about the numerous issues raised following Mr Agyebeng’s nomination.

“When Martin Amidu was appointed, I don’t think anybody raised questions about his relationship and ties with actors in this political business. I raised certain issues about him, but none of the reasons we raised had to do with his ability to do the work, none had to do with his ties with the executive arm of government at that time.”

He stated that it will be best if Mr Agyebeng declines the Special Prosecutor offer because of the allegations of corruption “perpetrated by this government and the relationship he has with it.”

Meanwhile, former Member of Parliament for Tamale Central, Inusah Fuseini says the Attorney General’s nominee for the Special Prosecutor position is too young to fight against corruption.

According to the former legislature, a Special Prosecutor’s position is a risky job that needs someone who is further advanced in life to resist any form of temptations it comes with. He explained this is due to how complicated the fight against corruption is.

However, Member of the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) legal team, Gary Nimako says concerns that Kissi Agyebeng is not of age enough to take up the job of Special Prosecutor is unfounded.

Thus, Mr Agyebeng should be rather judged based on his competence adding that arguments about the 45-year-old’s qualifications should be situated within the confines of the law.